About the Author

According to the Internet, “arvoinen” is the Finnish translation of “worthy,” the author of this blog. Although the author still isn’t sure if this is accurate or if it is a great idea, he still used it as his handle. Worthy Habla is a community of people. On most days, he is speech pathologist by profession. On other days he is a bum, an Adventist Youth Leader, a deacon, a deaf ministry co-coordinator and a blogger. He also tries and is still trying to be a mountaineer, a photographer and a theater actor. In his mind, he is a basketball player better than LeBron James or Michael Jordan; a pro-soccer player better than Ronaldhino or Beckham; a martial artist better than Bruce Lee or Ip Man; a race car driver better than Schumacher; a all-weapons expert better than whoever is good at that; and a super hero the likes of Batman and Superman. He does all those things inside his mind so no one could see him.

At 20-something, he still lives with his parents but in the Philippines it’s normal even if you’re 40 or 50. He abhors the television but loves the computer. He is also a news junkie on worthwhile news or not so worthwhile news. He loves to walk along Metro Manila after working hours if he is working or in the afternoon. You will often see him tramping around Makati on Mondays and around Ortigas and Pasay on other days.

Like this blog and find out more about him.

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