The Growing Seed

I remember the first time I was given the project to plant something. I bought an onion from the market. I got the huge white ones that we barely even use. The onion already had green shoots sprouting from the top so I got it almost free from the vegetable stand vendor. I don’t remember … More The Growing Seed

The Jar

There was once a man who took a walk around the streets of a big city. He stumbled upon a flea market where various odds and ends were sold. He chanced upon a really beautiful Chinese urn in one of the stalls selling antiques. He happened to be a connoisseur of antiques. He knew that … More The Jar

Higher or Lower

There was once a kid in grade school who joined the queue to the computer laboratory. Patiently, he waited in line until the teacher told them to move. They walked along the hallway trying to bump each other and laughing about it. As most kids go, he was joking around with his classmates. They turned … More Higher or Lower

The Small Voice

“We interrupt this program to bring you the latest news… Bzzzt… A storm is…bzzzt… coming. This… Zzzzt… biggest typhoo…zzt…” BLAG! The television fell down the floor. SHHHHWWIIIIIISSSHHH! BLAGBLAGBLAG! SHWIIISHHHHHHHHHHH! The furious wind seemed intent on bringing the house down. The roof was already pounding against the ceiling. Any moment now, the whole roof will bend … More The Small Voice