The Jar

There was once a man who took a walk around the streets of a big city. He stumbled upon a flea market where various odds and ends were sold. He chanced upon a really beautiful Chinese urn in one of the stalls selling antiques. He happened to be a connoisseur of antiques. He knew that … More The Jar

Tight Defenses

(I know I have not been able to post much these past few weeks. When you have been called to write modules, you get the enjoyment of writing for the Lord but get robbed of the time for posting on blogs. Here is one of the posts I have written a few weeks back but … More Tight Defenses

Rice, Love, and Good

When you visit the Philippines you should understand that rice is the staple food of the Filipinos. Call it fattening or whatever you want, but every Filipino would never even think of resisting a restaurant with unlimited rice. Everyone has their brag stories about how many cups they have eaten over a single chicken breast … More Rice, Love, and Good