Looking Behind

What a year that was. Looking back at the posts of year 2009 and 2010, I remembered that I never made any look back or look forward for those years. I did post a wish list on a separate blog, but never a resolution or a recollection. What I wrote then seemed to convey either … More Looking Behind

For The Gift

It’s another Christmas season. It’s another opportunity for the cliché stern warnings of Christians to remember who was born on Christmas. They’d say that instead of going through the traditions, the songs and everything else, think of Christ who was born.  Yeah, it has become a cliché I wouldn’t write about it. On another note, … More For The Gift

Reflections on Freedom

“History does not repeat itself. We repeat history.” This quote according to Ambeth Ocampo has raised all the hairs on my back. After reading the internal disputes of the “glorious” Katipunan, particularly the death of Andres Bonifacio, I could only wonder how we could call ourselves free. Sure, the price of freedom is steep. Heroes … More Reflections on Freedom


Disclaimer: I never intended to make this message seasonal. I mean the country is on a holiday because it is Bonifacio day, but we never had any traditions or celebrations as Christians. I think the only reason for that is because we don’t venerate people, only God. The same way that we shouldn’t venerate the … More Heart-to-Heart