Higher or Lower

There was once a kid in grade school who joined the queue to the computer laboratory. Patiently, he waited in line until the teacher told them to move. They walked along the hallway trying to bump each other and laughing about it. As most kids go, he was joking around with his classmates. They turned … More Higher or Lower

Secret Meanings

“Language is a dynamic system of arbitrary symbols to communicate.” At least that is all that I can remember from the definition we memorized back in college. As you can see, I couldn’t memorize it anymore. I know for sure that there are a lot of words added to that definition. I also recall for … More Secret Meanings


“Once there was a love deeper than the seas.” Or so says the pamphlet that you can download from the website of The Ruins of Negros. The place is a tourist attraction when you visit the Island of Negros. In fact you might have to wait for a while before you couild take a selfie … More Forever