Tight Defenses

(I know I have not been able to post much these past few weeks. When you have been called to write modules, you get the enjoyment of writing for the Lord but get robbed of the time for posting on blogs. Here is one of the posts I have written a few weeks back but … More Tight Defenses

The Haphazard Sower

This is classic a scenic view: A vast rice field full of green shoots swaying in the wind. Behind the field are two sleeping giants, mountains firmly guarding the rice fields as if sentinels on the watch. Peeping behind these two giants is the brightly lit sun pouring forth the warmth and glow of its … More The Haphazard Sower

The Man Who Loved

There was once a man who fell in love. It was love at first sight. He discovered that His object of love was has similar qualities as he has. The more He mingled with His beloved, the more the shared interest grew. His love grew to friendship as He walked and talked with His beloved. … More The Man Who Loved