The Growing Seed

I remember the first time I was given the project to plant something. I bought an onion from the market. I got the huge white ones that we barely even use. The onion already had green shoots sprouting from the top so I got it almost free from the vegetable stand vendor. I don’t remember … More The Growing Seed


Caveat: This is a reinterpretation of a friend’s exposition on the verses presented. You can read his blog at Why am I doing this? Why am I pushing myself? I thought to myself as I scaled Mt. Daraitan one fine Sunday. I lead a group of youth who were eager to climb as well. They … More Blessed

Clothes You Wear

I found myself leaving the clinic at 2PM in the afternoon instead of my usual 5 or 6PM. I couldn’t figure out if I would jump for joy or mope in boredom. I had half the day ahead of me with nothing to do. If I stayed home, I would have ended sleeping the rest … More Clothes You Wear