Heroes Fall

Herry Monster. The Amazing Mumford. Sherlock Hemlock. The Count. These are just names that may not ring a bell to children of the present generation where the prominent figures are rabid birds, zombies, purple dinosaurs and walking and talking sea creatures. These names are heroes when learning numbers and letters were taken more seriously by … More Heroes Fall

Snakes and Scriptures

“Red on yellow, kill a fellow; “Red on black, friend of Jack”” The coral snake, genus Calliophis and Hemibungarus, are one of the most venomous snakes. They are a dangerous bunch though they would always almost avoid human beings, their venom can really kill. They are known by their distinctive red, yellow/white and black color … More Snakes and Scriptures

The Beheading

In Fruita, Colorado, USA, there’s a festival celebrating a chicken. They do all sorts of stuffs from fun runs to poster making contest to cooking competitions. In the Philippines, such festivities about animals are fairly common. There’s the roasted pig (lechon) festival in La Loma, and the Carabao Festival in the provinces of Nueva Ecija, … More The Beheading

Subtle Tongues

I’m always late with the news. In my schedule, I neglect to read the newspaper and we don’t have television for several years now. However, one day, I found myself staring at a week’s worth of news papers and read them one by one. I was surprised with what I read. The headlines were all … More Subtle Tongues