The Jar

There was once a man who took a walk around the streets of a big city. He stumbled upon a flea market where various odds and ends were sold. He chanced upon a really beautiful Chinese urn in one of the stalls selling antiques. He happened to be a connoisseur of antiques. He knew that … More The Jar

The Small Voice

“We interrupt this program to bring you the latest news… Bzzzt… A storm is…bzzzt… coming. This… Zzzzt… biggest typhoo…zzt…” BLAG! The television fell down the floor. SHHHHWWIIIIIISSSHHH! BLAGBLAGBLAG! SHWIIISHHHHHHHHHHH! The furious wind seemed intent on bringing the house down. The roof was already pounding against the ceiling. Any moment now, the whole roof will bend … More The Small Voice

The Sword

Legend tells of an old sword stuck in a huge slab of stone. This is not Excalibur, mind you, simple because Arthur already picked that up. This was an older sword of a higher caliber and greater power masked in the facade of a rusting metal bar on a slab of stone. The thing is … More The Sword