About Manacled

The world does not really offer freedom. There are times when we thought we are free. Yet if we look at it, we may have been cheated. The world keeps us bound to earth. We are chained as long as we take part in the things of this world. As long as we listen to the opinions of others, as long as we take heed to the suggestions by various media on how to live our lives, we are not free.

We are manacled and maimed. We are confined or restrained to this world.  We cannot move freely and enjoy life. That is unless we try to let the power of the Most High God free us from the bondage of this sin sick world. Only then could we really say that we live.

This blog is all about thoughts and ideas. These are the ideas that were restrained and could not be put out verbally. These consist of deep sensible thoughts with the purpose of educating, informing, and transforming lives. Rants may appear here and there, but always connected with a reflection on life, on attitudes and on values.

If this alienated you, offended you or affected you in one way or another, please feel free to comment. Suggestions are also welcome including ways on how to write or how to make the blog better. Feel free to speak out.

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