In the Beginning There Was…

Some of the things that make me happy.

We all love lists.

Looking at every website on many of my interests such as Travel, Games, Anime, Basketball, Music, to name a few, it is hard to miss the articles that say “Top 10 Craziest Places Where You Can See the Sun Smile” or “Best Players in the Universe of the Galaxy Ranked” and many others.

We get crazy with all those lists that we even apply it in all aspects of our lives. A lot of us would use those lists from grocery shopping to cleaning your toes to affect our day-to-day choices.

More so, when we talk about God. There is always a question of how powerful is he? How all knowing is He? But what we often miss out is that beyond being all powerful or all knowing, God is, first and foremost, all-loving.

When you look at our world, the work of God, you can clearly see how much loving He really is. When you go back to the creation story, there are several points wherein you would see His lovingkindness at work. Here are a few things that I have found out in no particular order:

The Order of Creation Reveals His Love.

Refer to Genesis 1 and 2 to look at the succession of God’s creation. First, He created light. Second, He created the sky and seas. Third, He created the land. Fourth, He created the sun, moon and heavenly bodies. Fifth, He created fishes and birds. Sixth, He created land animals and man.

When you look at how God created the earth, it seems that He created the spaces in the first 3 days, then He filled up those spaces with things. The first day is light which corresponds to the fourth day which is the sun, moon and heavenly bodies. On the Second Day, He created the sky and seas which corresponds to the fifth day where He created the birds and the fishes. On the third day, He created the land which corresponds to the sixth day, wherein He created land animals and humans. You can see this pattern when you try to build a pyramid off the creation days in a pattern Bible scholars would call a “chiasm.”

creation chiasm

He created everything in an order that would not harm His creatures. Imagine if He created animals or birds first before the sky or the land, what would happen to the those poor creatures then? Or what if He created the sun, moon and heavenly bodies but without light or the sky? God knew all of this and wanted to show His love even to the tiny creatures by making sure that the spaces were created first.

However, His best expression of love is at the top. At the top is the seventh day, wherein the scriptures say He rested, blessed and hollowed the day. This does not mean that God got tired, but it simply meant that after day 6, there was nothing else to be done but spend time with His creatures particularly man. The Seventh day, was actually the pinnacle of His creation because as a loving God, He has a high value on relationships therefore He valued quality time with His beloved creatures. He set that day specifically so that the relationship would grow. Think of it as a regular date day with Him.

The Way He Created Reveals His Love.

Rereading through the Bible, His love is seen not just in the order He created things but also His method of creation. You see, He brought things to life using His words.

He spoke and everything came to existence. He called out everything on each day. His words have that creative effect. He called out light, and it came to be. He called out the sky to separate from the seas, and it did. He called out the land to rise up, and that is what land did exactly.

Everything came into place, because He called them out.

But where is love there?

Everything was called out except for humans. With humans, God really went into the dirt and designed everything by hand. We were hand-crafted so to speak. He made sure that the nose would be this shape and the eyes would be in this location. He made sure that the heart was placed on this side, and the ears were of this shape. He created everything with meticulous detail.

But that is not all, while He handcrafted us, He used a very special mold – Himself. He made you and me according to His image. That is why you can see different degrees of God in everyone. While we have the impression that gangsters and criminal groups are up to no good, they are very high on taking care of their own, which is something that God does to His people. While fundamentalist Christians view most of those certain groups outside their organization with a lot of scorn and derision, these groups and communities have the same desire to receive and give out love, affection and compassion. These are qualities that God. Name a human group or individual and you can see the same imprint of God’s image in them. Often, you just need to use God’s eyes instead of your own.

God lovingly created everything by His word, but human beings by His hand and in His own image. That is how much He loves us. He wanted to show His love by the effort He placed in creating us. He wanted to show His love with the function that He wanted us to have: to love. Think about it, the first thing He did for man, was to create a partner for him not to enslave or to rule over, but to love and cherish. He created woman from the man’s side, not from the head or from the thigh, but on the side, so that they could walk as equals.

That is how much He loves you. No matter how different you think you are or how much you think no one understands you, remember that God shaped you with His hands. You were created to be you.

Just the Beginning

In the beginning there was LOVE. Not wisdom, not power but love.

Love is the driving force in creation and you can see it until today in every tree or flower. But you can see it more in people in the bus or on the streets. God created us to allow love to flourish, how hard is it then for us to love others? How come we look at other people with scorn, degradation, just because they could not understand or follow the standards we think we have? We are all made in the same mold, by the same Craftsman, how come we treat others differently?

Which then, begs, the question, why are we all different? Maybe we’ll see in another post. After all, this is just the beginning.

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