Huge Machines


There is a long road improvement project outside our neighborhood. The main road going to our street is blocked by a deep hole. While most pedestrians and drivers shake their heads in dismay over the traffic it causes, I stare in deep wonder at the construction work. Every time, this conversation happens:

Adult Me: Oh no! I’m late! I need to get a ride ASAP

Kid Me: *staring in utter amazement*

Adult Me: Let’s go.

Kid Me: No!! *screaming* I want to ride that!

Adult Me: There’s our ride.’


True, the adult in me is also pissed off because I could not get a jeepney at 7AM for a 9AM work appointment (yes my travel to work takes 2 hours by any vehicle). But the kid in me is amazed at the huge machines blocking our street. Those bulldozers and cranes are stuff most boys dream of. It takes most of the adult in me to subdue the screaming kid in me from jumping inside the crane to try out its various levers and buttons. This happens every time I go out to work.

baggerWho could blame me? Those giant machines really have the muscle. These machines were built to dig through rock and rubble to make a steady road or a sturdy building. These are monsters of steel and hydraulics capable of leveling a mountain.

In a construction site, a foundation of any building is necessary. It should be built on solid ground so that it would not be moved easily or crumble when earthquakes or any disasters happen. Foundations do matter.

Our lives also have to be built on a solid foundation. Once the foundation is set, come hell or high water, we are good to stand on any trouble. Good thing about us is that no huge machinery is needed to build that solid foundation. A story is told of a wise man and a foolish man. The wise man built his house on a rock. He decided that his foundation should be rocky ground. After he built his house, storms came and his house weathered it well. On the other hand, a foolish man built his house on the sand. When the storms came, his house crashed to the ground because the sand was loose and could not hold up against a raging storm for so long.

20160424133715.jpgFor Christians, it is easy to understand that Christ is the rock wherein we should build our foundation. Thus when the rain falls down and floods rise up, we are sure that the house will stand. Once we build our lives upon Christ, no amount of problem or pressure will easily rattle us because we know we are in good hands. This does not mean that problems will not happen. It will. Troubles will definitely shake our very core but once our core is built upon Christ, it is easy to find hope and assurance that things will be alright. It has been said that though Christ may not calm every storm in our life, He does calm the child every time.

By obedience you must make them the foundation of your character. Self is but shifting sand. If you build upon human theories and inventions, your house will fall. By the winds of temptation, the tempests of trial, it will be swept away. – E.G. White, Desire of Ages Ch. 31

While it has been said that Christ is the wise man and the rock, we, on the other hand, are the foolish man. We often fail to allow Christ to build us up, and instead rely on our own self for sure foundations. We have heard of many people trying to struggle to obtain the wealth, the fame or the power through their own means. Some would fail, while some would succeed. Those who fail miserably end up depressed or desperate. Yet to those who succeed, the rat race for material foundations is never ending and never satisfying. The quest is also littered with failure to resist temptations, compromises and emptiness. In fact, most who succeeded, ultimately discovers that they are not happy with their money, their power or their fame. Selfish foundations after all do shift and causes any life to be broken easily.

There could be a lot of other explanations but at the core, we are left with a choice. Do we build our trust and foundations on Jesus Christ or do we build it on our own strength? The choice is always ours.


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