The Sword


Legend tells of an old sword stuck in a huge slab of stone. This is not Excalibur, mind you, simple because Arthur already picked that up. This was an older sword of a higher caliber and greater power masked in the facade of a rusting metal bar on a slab of stone.

The thing is no one has picked up the sword because only a handful of people know about it. Most of them were from the small town where the legendary sword was located. I won’t tell you where because whenever I tried no one believes me. But I will tell you though that it is very accessible by bus, has hotels and coffee shops with WIFI. It is a town with a population of almost ten thousand plus and minus the tourists which are mostly scholars and scholars-pretending.

The sword is located in the middle of the town in front of the town hall and other important buildings and shops. You simply cannot miss it. Most towns folk could easily point you to their town treasure as they call it.

20150712140721Enter a mini-bus of twenty-somethings out on a road trip. This will be their biggest adventure yet they say. This will be epic they say. None of them actually heard about the sword but because they were wandering aimlessly, they arrived at the town.

They parked their bus at the town square in front of the cafe. It was afternoon and they wanted some refreshments before going on their way. To make the long story short, they heard about the legend and decided to cross the street to where the sword is.

The twenty-somethings found the sword. An old man was sitting there standing guard looking intently at them. There were no violations in coming to the sword, really. Everyone was welcome to try. The old man was just curious as to who would try. Seeing the group of youth in their prime he challenged them, “why don’t you try to draw it out?

So one guy went forward. He rolled his sleeves. He placed one hand on the sword and another hand on his pockets. He took a deep breath.

“1… 2… 3…“

Then, he took a selfie.

One by one each young one followed the other guy’s example until all of them had their picture taken beside the sword. They decided to take a group pic. “Hey, old man, could you take our picture?”

“Why won’t any of you draw the sword?”

“What for? A selfie is easier.”

“I meant pick it up?” The old man inquired further.

“Why? Who believes old legends these days? Come one, we need to post this on Instagram.”

And so Facebook and Instagram became littered with pictures of the sword. Everyone thought it was a cool thing to do. The sword remained transfixed on the stone because everyone questioned its authenticity.


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