This is long overdue.

If I am to follow my plan of posting every Sunday and Wednesday, then this is really overdue. I should have posted two days ago. But here I am and I just posted something on a Friday midnight. I actually placed the deadline not because I have faithful readers who demand a new post regularly. There might not even be any readers at this point. I gave myself a deadline to push myself to read, to be inspired and to write.

This is not according to plan.

This post is supposed to be the continuation of the short story I posted last Sunday. A struggle exists for me to write a good short story at the shortest possible time without any prior training. I pushing myself to do this in order to improve as a writer. When I was a kid, I really dreamed of having my own library and writing my own novel.  My book collection could now be called a library, but the novel is still underway.

Why am I explaining?

I am probably sulking the fact that everything I planned for never happened. This is called a rant. I resent the fact that I could not write what I expected to write at the right time. I struggle and pressure myself like some drowning madman trying to reach the surface of the water.

Come to think of it, sometimes most of our most well laid plans end up in the dumps. Our most coordinated and organized gathering or event often end in failure. We are all human after all.

A few days ago, I overheard two young women speak about their woes in love. It’s February after all and “love” is basically the elephant in the room.

Apparently, one of the ladies had met a man. The man was sweet, charming, handsome and caring but also shy and hesitant. The said lady got confused over the man’s motives. She liked him but he didn’t know how to proceed. She got impatient and left. In the end, it was a loss for mankind.

The other woman was actually single and has been for quite some time. She wanted guys who do this and don’t do that. She wanted someone who allows her to do other stuff she regularly do. She even seemed to have known every male type everywhere. She proceeded to give the first woman a score of advice and tips. She was so full of herself.

In the end these ladies remained on the lookout for that charming prince who would sweep them off their feet. Both people knew what both wanted. They have their own ideals and plans. They are people driven by passion and the high strung dictates of society. Yet the fact is most of us, yes even me, do not really know what we wanted in anything, more so a relationship.

People may be right in their own eyes,
    but the Lord examines their heart.

Proverbs 21:2

We think we want this or we think we want that. We have everything considered – planned out. But the qualities and standards we have diminish the moment we get them. The plans go south the moment we carry them out. We think we can. We think we do. Yet the fact of the matter is we can’t and we don’t. God knows our hearts and knows our capabilities. God knows basically everything about us and more. Thus any plans or standards that we may have are doomed to fail unless it is His standards and plans. Any idea or precept that we may have does not have any bearing unless it is His. After all, He alone can make all things work. He alone can make everything possible. Not us.

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