Left Out


This is actually a petty rant.

There I warned you so you should leave this page now if you’re tired of rants.

Oh, still here?

You were warned.

I hate being left out. To be left out is like a huge slap to your humanity or a huge kick to you as the social animal.

Sure there are times that I wanted to be alone. There are times when I feel like brooding or enjoying the quiet of the solitude. There are times when I would snap at you or just plain ignore you whenever you talk to me in the middle of those days. Those times are precious and important.

So is belonging. Here’s an example:

IMG00256-20130709-1913I feel totally left out once a month when there are church board meetings. I know that they are important and are necessary for the improvement of the church and I am the youth leader. It is a huge honour to be part of the big whole and be a prime mover of the church.

But it sucks when you are supposed to attend a church board meeting while at the same time that all the youth of your church are going to hang out. All that is, except me.

What sucks more is that it happens every time.

They decide to have a jamming session but you can’t join. They decide to eat out in the new burger joint and you can’t join.  They decide to watch the fireworks display and you can’t join. The worst part is when the meeting is over, that’s when they decide to go home.

I told you this was a rant.

Here’s more:

We all know that feeling when you are hanging out with two friends who happen to be couples. Imagine them engaging in that thing that couples usually do with you beside them watching.  You are with them. They don’t seem to notice. You know them to be really good friends but all of a sudden you get left out.

You get what I am saying?

As much as they don’t want you to be left out, you still do because they are a couple. This is actually unavoidable. I am not ranting about being single, what I am ranting about is how cruel some couple friends could be to make you feel left out. If you can relate to this, you are a third wheel, a fifth wheel or a seventh wheel but please don’t be a 9th or 11th wheel.

Like I said, huge slap!

Imagine what God must have felt like.

atrofia2Imagine creating you in His likeness. He took care of you when you were helpless. When you got sick, He arranged it so that the doctor would diagnose it right. When you began school until you graduated, he made sure that you were taken cared of and well protected. There may be times when you felt He wasn’t there like when you failed that exam or when that beaker broke, yet He was there. When that storm came and devastated most of your household, it was Him who helped Him through all the turmoil. You may not notice it but His hand was there all along.

Until today, He is beside you. His grace and love has always been with you. Yet your heart longs for something else.  You chose to run after technology, science or works of art. You chose to mind your personal thoughts, your feelings and pain instead of others who are suffering and in need of help. You were not satisfied, you chased after riches, power and glory that is not even fit for you. You chased after sin and temptation.

You, me, all of us, have forsaken God. We have slapped Him in the face because of  our capacity to sin. We have kicked Him where it hurts because our hearts are far away from Him.

“What does it mean to “fall short of the glory of God?” It means that none of us has trusted and treasured God the way we should. We have not been satisfied with his greatness and walked in his ways. We have sought our satisfaction in other things, and treated them as more valuable than God, which is the essence of idolatry (Romans 1:21-23). Since sin came into the world we have all been deeply resistant to having God as our all-satisfying treasure (Ephesians 2:3). This is an appalling offense to the greatness of God (Jeremiah 2:12-13).”

John Piper.

So whether you’re a people person seeking socialization or a loner seeking isolation, we cannot deny the fact that God cares and wants a relationship with us. He wants us to be satisfied in Him and to treasure Him.

He won’t complain if you don’t want to, He is love after all.


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