I don’t know what’s happening. There’s a sudden influx of people greeting me today. I rechecked my FB  and it still says that my birthday could only be viewed by me. Weird.

I guess it’s inevitable. Not that I’m complaining, I just wanted the day to pass quietly like the other years. I don’t know what happened but a lot of people suddenly remembered me.

What’s in a birthday? Society dictates that your birthday is day when you came out of this world. It is that day when you start to exist. This leads to another question, when did we start to exist? Shouldn’t a birthday be the day when you were first conceived by your parents? Shouldn’t it be the day when you first realize that you really exist? Maybe it will be something like a time when you began to open your mind to the things that surround you in this world and began to ponder who you are or why you are here on this planet. Maybe like the birth of your awareness. Or in a Christian perspective,  shouldn’t it be the day when you felt that you have finally accepted Christ as your personal Savior and decided to daily die in sin? It is a birth of sorts since you decided to do away with your sinful past and live again as another person fully dependent on the cross.

Then again, why would someone celebrate the beginning of their existence in this world when this world is said to be full of pain and suffering? Why do we have to celebrate the time when we first get a glimpse of the light of day when the day was actually a day of devastation and calamity?

typhoone peggy or locally known as “Gading”

I was born during a storm. Probably one of the most devastating at that time. I was told that during my birth, my father surged through the flood that spanned the entire Gil Puyat Ave. – a major road until he reached our house. According to records of the local weather bureau, Typhoon Gading or Peggy caused 109 deaths in the Philippines and 300+ elsewhere and caused 620M in damages.

Others were born in more unfortunate circumstances. Some during a war or during famine or during calamities. Is that something worth celebrating? I think not.

Why would we celebrate coming into this world, when this world is full of struggle? This is a world where people always struggle to find comfort, power, riches, fame, glory and entertainment. This is a world where you have to strive for love, peace and happiness – and end up always failing. Who would want to be born in a world like that?

Maybe I’m just crazy. Maybe I’m over thinking it.

Maybe this is the birthday blues – if there is such a thing. Maybe I’m just daunted by the number of people greeting me today. There’s too many and I feel that if they greet me, I ought to treat them to something. Probably it’s just me being overly worried or overly in need of comfort.

So there. Another year of existence. I have be alive for 27 years and I am still kicking.

I guess it is true. Everything changes after 25. I view things differently now than before. I handle things differently. I got crazier and wanted to do crazier stuff.

On the flip side, there are a lot of things to be thankful about. For today, the best and only thing that I could be thankful for is that special person who made that effort to wake up at 12 midnight to greet you and continue to greet you throughout the rest of the day. Then influence her friends to greet you and seem more enthusiastic than you to celebrate your birthday. Then try to lift your spirits up and remind you that you should be happy because it’s your birthday. And finally, greet you for the last time before you end the day to sleep.

I’m referring only one person and you know who you are!! I thank God for you! Here’s to you. :))


One thought on “27

  1. It may be an exaggeration of a belated greeting (almost a month), but hey, belated happy birthday! Di halatang 27! 😉

    And noted on “everything changes after 25”.


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