Deep Void


“You want a cookie? Come on, say eeeeet!”

I stretched out each sound to him with a big smile in my mouth to fully show him how to say it properly. My hand was gesturing the universal sign of eating, hand moving towards the mouth.


Then a blank face. Then laughter.

Petsur0450I guess my message was not getting across. I tried to assist him hand-to-hand. One hand was trying to nudge both sides of his cheeks to show him how it is done, while the other hand was trying to show him the gesture.

Hand to mouth.


Hands were moving as I was directing it, but his eyes were elsewhere.

Blankly staring in space.

Still, I allowed him to bite the cookie to show him that you have to do this before you get this. My message was still not getting across.

I was utterly and bitterly frustrated. Not at this kid, but at his parents. My persistence paid off last week. He kept on repeating vocalization and gesture several times on our previous session. I gave the parent adequate feedback and instruction.

Now here’s the kid, staring blankly into space while trying to grab the cupcake I was holding.

I just don’t understand why it’s hard for parents to understand that they have to follow up. That the whole point of the exercise is for the child to ask verbally for what he or she needs.

people-talking-online1Isn’t that what happens before we could trade stories? We have to ask for something. We have to have that inner drive to get something we truly wanted. In the case of children, they are driven to eat, drink, pee, poop, and play.

It just so happens that some parents don’t get that point and instead, just give and give whatever their children wants to the point that their children don’t know the point of talking at all. The child ends up spoiled, waiting only to be served, and not bowing to any authority because they think they are the only authority.

The same thing goes with life. The same principles. The same reasons.

atrofia2Most of us are blind to the fact that we are in deep need. We seem to think that we rule the world. Unless we recognize that we needed a savior, only then could we ever realize that we needed to talk to God. If we don’t realize that deep in our hearts, we have a deep void that nothing could fill up, not even power, fame or wealth could fill it up.

We sometimes need to be cornered and be down in the dumps to realize that. Sometimes, that deep desire to call out the Almighty when you’re cornered and there’s nowhere to go is the road we all take. When the problems have arisen to heights we could not control. We all wanted the hard road. When life is tough call on God, but when it is easy, who are you calling?

All the while, when the problems have not yet come, we stare blankly at the God who kept on prodding us to call on him. We neglect that Almighty Father who has been the source of all the good times all along. Imagine God prodding you to talk to Him, but you are too preoccupied with your own thoughts that you stare blankly in space. He has given you all the cues, and prompts you would ever need but needless to say, we ignore His prodding.

For this day, seek to resolve to praise God in good times or bad times. Better yet, seek to talk to God in all circumstances. He wants to talk to you. He wants to get to know you. Speak to Him and He will give you the desires of your heart.


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