Clanging and Banging

I know, it’s irritating as it is.

Imagine hearing a song played by your next door neighbor for like more than 1000 times nonstop, then it would be played by your neighbor’s other next door neighbor for more 1000 times nonstop, and on and on. When you try to bolt out, the first jeepney that you ride plays the same song. Any taxi or bus that you ride on plays the same tune. Don’t even try to open the radio because it’s also being played.

This time it’s not LSS. LSS is some song you find pleasant being played over and over inside your head. It could cause depression or joy but never anguish.

Yet that’s what we Filipinos are. Once a song hits the sensational category, we tend to play it over and over even though the artist has moved on with a new song.

Though there’s no contest, Gangnam Style by PSY is one of them. This time the sensation has reached worldwide that even almost every celebrity in the US played the song. Who wouldn’t be addicted to that dance music when the steps are fairly easy to memorize.

You just need a pair of feet and lots of guts. (Maybe I’m talking about dancing in general, but whatever!)

More so that in the recently concluded American Music Awards (which I didn’t watch or even care about) PSY performed with MC Hammer (yes, I was surprised he was still alive!). The youtube sensation wowed a lot of celebrities. I admit it looked really fun with all the people in the audience dancing some albeit embarrassingly to the Korean hit.

Now that the world knows all about it though, I am sure it’s not only my neighbors would play it, almost everyone would play it in any part of the globe. Talk about repetition!

Music can drive you crazy.

I once imagined myself to be part of a band. My friend would do the guitars, another friend would do the singing, another would do the keyboards and I’ll handle the drums. Yes, I once dreamed and still dream to play the drums. I chose that over any other instrument because it doesn’t seem so hard to learn. What’s so hard with beating the hell out of a set of covered cylinders and metal plates using a pair sticks? No need to read notes or chords. No fretful frets or intricate sharps and flats to learn. You just hit it and you’re an expert.

Or so I thought.

However, due to certain personal, spiritual, financial and relational reasons, I opted not to study playing drums when I had an opportunity (I honestly did have one opportunity!).

I ended up not knowing how to play any instrument and not having any ounce of music in my body. I can’t even follow a steady rhythm of a snare drum.

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.

1 Corinthians 13:1

The verse tells us about love. Closer inspection shows though that it tells us two messages. You share the gospel like clanging cymbal and cover it up with love.

The first message tells us that like a cymbal with its repetitive clang clang, just like Gangnam Style, so is the way we should share God’s message. Repetitive and continuous. Never ending and far reaching. Ever notice how the various stories and verses and psalms and lessons that you find in the Bible all tell one thing: God loves you. Try to notice it, it’s clanging in every page.

At the same time, it tells us how we present the clanging: with love. God may have kept on repeating the same message over and over, but it is masked and covered in the most loving way possible. He tells us loud and soft that He loves us. He shouts out angrily and call out happily that He loves us. He does so with so much flare He even showed us its prime example: Death of His only son on the cross.

A love declared that kept on repeating is like a sensationalized song played on every side of the globe.

A love declared is like a clanging cymbal on steroids.

A love declared is sweeter when declared by the Father.

Let’s be cymbals or better yet…


let’s dance OPPA Gangnam Style!

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