Moon Song

It’s been going on for almost five days now. The rains wouldn’t stop. What started as intermittent showers last Saturday and Sunday became a deluge come Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is the third day of class suspensions and most of the roads are flooded. Low areas such as Marikina, Quezon City and other provinces like Laguna, Rizal and Bataan are already neck deep in flood.

Come to think of it, this is not even a storm. This is supposed to be JUST a seasonal torrent of monsoon rains. Of course the climates have changed drastically over the past few decades. Come summer and the heat is really biting, then come rainy season, and the rain really pours.

While people are standing on their rooftops waiting for rescue, while people are struggling to go against waist to neck deep floods with any floatable implements they could gather, there are those who work 24/7 to help those who are in need. They are the ones who could be snug in bed wrapped in blankets watching the news but chose instead to bring relief goods to the needy. Others, who are also snug but could not, chip in the cause by sharing their load and passing on the pleas for help through any social media. Twitter or Facebook. They are the true blooded Filipinos.

Aside from resiliency, isn’t also bayanihan a part of our core values? That even at worst cases, we’d offer a helping hand to our fellow citizens. The image burned once upon a time when we were kids were the act of helping out in carrying the huge nipa hut to a different location. The same probably happens during calamities like these when the water level is up.

While there are heroes, there are also villains.

The villains are those who blame the government, blame God, blame anyone they could blame for the rains, for the lack of relief goods, the lack of help. The villains are those who feed false information that could spread panic throughout the city while it is already in chaos. People start sharing on the media false messages like dams getting opened or hospitals looking for this and that. Worse, they even spread false ideologies like the event is akin to the flooding in Biblical times making people forget that God always keeps his promises and one of them is that He won’t destroy the world with water.  Yet the falsehoods spread like wildfire over the internet and text messaging. Why can’t they just help out?

We should realize that we cannot blame the government on the lack of help because they are busy helping the most affected elsewhere. We cannot blame God because He promised that this is not destruction. We cannot even connect it as some act of God vengeance or punishment because that is not how things happen. We could not blame our neighbors because we have our share of candy wrapper in some clogged up drain somewhere in the metro. We cannot blame anyone, not even ourselves because the deed has been done and we cannot do anything to turn back the time.

Instead of finding who’s to blame in this deluge, why don’t we just open our hearts to those who are in need? Why can’t we just be selfless enough just for one day and think about others who cannot do anything with their situation? Why wallow in self pity when we can wallow in service to others?

Sure we cannot go out that include me. There are no available transportation systems that would bring me to any drop off centers or any institution providing help. Yet what we could do is prepare the things that we could donate. Wrap them in bags or boxes ready to be shipped off to any part of town that needs help once the flood subsides.

Then there’s prayer.

Our hands may not be capable enough to carry heavy relief goods but our knees bent on the floor are strong enough to bring our pleas to God. We need to remember that God listens and He answers even before we could utter a word. We just need to trust Him. Trust Him and everything will fall according to its place.

God bless us all!

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