Looking Behind

What a year that was.

Looking back at the posts of year 2009 and 2010, I remembered that I never made any look back or look forward for those years. I did post a wish list on a separate blog, but never a resolution or a recollection. What I wrote then seemed to convey either a recollection or a resolution but I really enjoyed leaving readers hanging.

However, I cannot help but make this year an exception. While I will still stand firm on my credo not to write any new year’s resolutions, I find this year one helluva rollercoaster ride to neglect a recollection. A lot has happened that I couldn’t help but look back and smile at what transpired for 2011.

I wouldn’t recollect the best songs or the best movies or any of those. I could come up with a top ten list of the best things but I don’t think it would matter a few days, months or years from now. Music, technology, movies, TV shows and any other forms of entertainment change almost on a daily basis. Calamities still occur. Deaths still happen. Revelations would still unfold. I find all of those passé not to mention common to almost everyone.

Like any roller coaster ride there were highs and lows. There were twists, and turns. There were moments that drove me crazy. There were also moments that bored me to death. Over all, 2011 was a good year.

I guess all areas of my life stepped up this year. I found myself stepping out of the limelight and getting more leadership roles in church. I learned that as much as I was lead to believe, I was not really patient. I may be able to handle difficult kids as a career, but with other areas of my life, I need help with having patience. I may not have flared up but I immediately lost patience and, eventually, interest with the leadership of the Area Youth Council. The heart aches this council caused me taught me a lot about handling my personal frustrations and how to deal with other people properly. More so, that I was able to take in the headship of the youth for the coming two years. In addition to this, I needed a lot help in getting patient when it comes to my love life. I seemed to have rushed things and got too excited that I bit on something more than I can chew. I learned how to wait, not just for a love life but for everything else as well. I learned that things will definitely fall into place in accordance to God’s timing. Just wait and pray and act.

This year has also been a year of revival for me. I’ll be honest in saying that I was never able to keep a regular daily devotional, but I was able to have more time reading the Bible than the previous year. Comparing 2010 with 2011, I was not able to use my Bibles back in 2010, but my Bibles saw a lot of action in 2011. Again, I admit that I wasn’t able to keep it regular, but at least there was an improvement! On the other hand, I did manage to keep my prayer more regular. Because of a certain someone, I learned to pray not just daily but on an hourly or minutely basis. I learned to put my knees more on the floor kneeling than standing. I was even more fueled to pray when slowly but surely, my prayers seemed to get answered.

I couldn’t help but notice that my body also took a turn for the better. I learned a new sport that I was able to take seriously and do regularly again because of a certain someone. I got myself running each morning and stretching each night. I may not have been able to join major climbs but I was able to run regularly. I also changed the way I carried things. I changed some habits most especially with my grooming and eating to fit the sport.

So much has changed for me this year and I think I owe it to a certain someone whose name I cannot mention. It was a good year though filled with problems and anxieties. And though I do not make resolutions, I have high hopes that the next year will bring a lot of changes in my life. I pray that I could be find a lot of improvement next year.

This year, life is definitely sweet. 😀



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