Changes and Adaptation

Just today, I learned that chocolate syrup is good combination with leafy veggies. You create some kind of chocolatey-leafy substance. Only later on, I discovered that I wasn’t actually pouring chocolate on my veggies, I was pouring some organic chocolate syrup copy. Never mind being wrong, I loved the taste anyway.

We all discover new things each day. I recently learned that there are a lot of museums to visit for the history junkie within me. I also recently learned that the famous fast food chains near our clinic has a no straws-no plastic bags policy on Fridays. I wonder how you would consume your coke float without any straws. And how come they never thought of changing the utensils?

Each day we experience a lot of changes in the way we view things. Daily we encounter trifling discoveries that may or may not transform our lives. These things tell us that change is something we need to deal with on a daily basis. Whether small changes like the opening of a bud, or big changes like the wreck left by a thunderstorm, what matters is how we adapt to these changes.

Sometimes when things evolve to suit our needs or our feelings, we get to accept it with open arms and without question. We smile, feel good with ourselves and give a gift to ourselves. We cheer, we enjoy. We embrace these changes as if they have been there before.

Yet when nothing comes our way, and everything seemed to change for the worst, we blame others, we find faults. We try to make others feel our misery. At least to some, they would wallow in their misery or bad mood and try to vent out somewhere – or worse, on someone.

I still have to figure out though how some people couldn’t adjust. How can’t they? The change is all around them. How hard is it for us to adjust?

It’s still a big mystery how some people cannot adjust when they see things that are out of the ordinary. More so, it’s hard to figure out how some people find it hard to adjust to those who are more disabled than them.  A simple adjustment to people who cannot hear would be to understand that when they talk, they have to move their hands. When they want to understand what you have to say, they need to see your hands, your face, and your mouth. How hard is that to understand?

Some people seemed to have “closed” their minds on these matters that they find the hand gestures distracting. Some find the additional presence of a person such as an interpreter, too bothersome, without even considering the tons of hearts they’re injuring with their comments.

Sometimes we forget to bear in mind that God sees all. God sees the hearts most of all. If ever people fail to adapt and gets easily distracted by these small and seemingly harmless things, what more about the difficult things –say temptations?

Simple adjustments to simple changes are needed to accommodate everyone.

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