Indomitable Will and Unmoving Faith

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Based on the DC Universe, the Green Lantern Corps were chosen based on their sheer indomitable will. The corps are a breed of intergalactic police corps set to protect the galaxy. They are men and women chosen to wield a green power ring with their strong will power. Meanwhile, their fiercest rivals, the Yellow Lantern Corps use a yellow ring based on fear. As the canon goes, a person who uses his fear or induces fear among other people could be a member of this corps.

The DC Universe also tells us that Batman used his will power and his infallible intellect to instill fear into the hearts of criminals and weirdoes roaming Gotham City and the world. He is also considered the greatest if not one of the greatest detectives of the modern generation. The stories about him tell that he has superior capabilities in any martial art, uncontested knowledge in chemistry, physics, forensic science and the social sciences. He’s rich and a play boy to boot.  Who wouldn’t want that?

The concept is pretty simple for a fictional universe. The story may get complicated but the concepts are simple. Too simple that any kid would easily get sucked into its universe and think thoughts and dream dreams about this not-going-to-happen-anytime land.

This fictitious world of heroes, and villains teach us that there are four types of people. First are the heroes who are given great power due to some merit or some sort of tragic loss that they’ve experience in life. Second are the villains whose twisted minds strive for world domination (whatever that is) and/or make the life of the hero miserable. Third are the commoners in distress whose only purpose in the story is to be hoodwinked, kidnapped, mutilated, annihilated among others by the villain and be rescued by the hero. Last but not the least are the readers who really are into the stuff that they are led to believe that things are composed of heroes, villains and commoners and they must choose between the three. The last type of people is the real loser in this story no matter how the hero defeats the villain.

I should know. I’m one of them.

What’s amazing about the Green Lantern Story is that it twists our minds into thinking that if you really keep your spirits up and use your will-power, you can do the impossible like bend steel without using your hands or conjure giant hands and gizmos. Batman on the other hand twists our minds into thinking that you can attain anything and solve anything on your own if you try to get rid of your emotions and hone your skills and brains. You can do more if you were a billionaire like him.

Though it is true that our will-power and sheer talent or potential has its merits, they are not the only things that we needed to succeed in life. Moreover, these are not even the means that we could use to attain our desired end.  In real life you needed more than this to succeed.

The real path to success opened up to a young boy. He wasn’t at the top of his class. In fact he was called the dumbest kid in class. He even got into fights because he was often teased for getting the lowest grade.

Perseverance and faith became the boy’s avenue to success. He was able to enter Yale University and eventually Johns Hopkins Medical School to become a neurosurgeon. The boy was no other than Benjamin Carson, MD., the top pediatric neurosurgeons in the world.  His success was the result of effort and prayers. Something no Green Lantern or Batman could ever practice.

I was truly inspired by this man’s story after watching the film Gifted Hands. His story showed that not only sheer talent nor perseverance could make an accomplished neurosurgeon. Several times on the movie, you would see him eyes closed in prayer.

Truly a closer walk with God is the only way to success. Will power could help but will power could only do so much. Unshakable faith takes you further. The only reason for this could be summed up in these verses:

2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a]whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

James 1:2-4, NIV

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