Top 10 Cases of Extreme Game Addiction (via Listverse)

From the moment I learned to read, I have kept in mind that not all things that I read are true. Superman is not real. So is Sherlock Holmes, Huckleberry Finn, Aragorn, Frodo Baggins and a horde of other people, creatures and places. More so with computer games.

The virtual world has taken people in awe that some forget that the things that they see aren’t real. What’s worse is that kids are the ones most affected by these. Upon looking around at the wordpress world, I found this listverse entry. I couldn’t believe my eyes that these things really are happening. The most extreme gaming addiction I have heard of was when my brother had to beg on the streets just to play counter-strike – and that was eons ago!

Moreover, I still couldn’t believe that someone would make a virtual stealing in games a national literal law. Well, if people really get hooked into those things, then that kind of law really needs to be passed and implemented.

And since, several countries already have laws to combat extreme game addiction, they could take it another step further. They could even have rehabilitation centers for those extremely addicted. Information drives should begin to avoid these crimes. A police task force, a police help desk or a police bureau could also be formed to combat such crimes. Just like drug addiction, computer games should be treated the same way.

I’m glad I’m not there if that happens.

Top 10 Cases of Extreme Game Addiction Video games can be very addicting; in fact, some people accuse developers of making the games addictive on purpose. The following are 10 cases of video game addiction that get more and more extreme. 10Skipping School I’ve skipped school before, but this kid takes the cake for the most elaborate excuse. A 15-year-old from Perth, Australia, skipped school to play online games for over 16 hours a day, over a full three weeks. How did he do this? Eve … Read More

via Listverse

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