the wheels on the bus

TeacherStudentDeskI have been singing a song for more than a year now. Actually, it was more than two years now or maybe more. I sang it thousands of times to notice that it comes to me automatically.

If you’re a teacher, you might be familiar with it. If you’re a pre-school teacher, chances are you’ve mastered it. But if you’re a therapist like me, you might have the equivalent of a Ph.D. in knowing this song.

It’s all about a bus.

The wheels of a bus.

Yes, the wheels and its horns and its wipers and its lights and a seemingly stubborn baby on the bus.

I have learned it by heart when I was an intern exactly two years ago. Singing it the first time would actually give you unimaginable sheepishness as if you have become the greatest losing jester in front of a crying child you were trying to appease. Trust me, I know. I have been that jester for two years now.

Yet the seemingly outrageous and repetitive song teaches us more than that. It teaches us about life in general. The lyrics may be absurd, but it really does.

I will not eatI hated my vegetables when I was a kid. What kid wouldn’t? I could even point out several mature adults whose hatred for your average green leafs persisted since childhood. Carrots, eggplants, string beans, cabbages, lettuce and bitter gourd were usually on their hate list for various reasons science has given up to explain especially the thing about the bitter gourd.

A burger would definitely be more tempting.

My parents actually told me that I used to eat vegetables raw. I told them that they might be dreaming. And the struggle to eat vegetables continued until an old man came. He didn’t say a thing, he just grabbed a plate and munched the vegetables I hated like there was no tomorrow. Then, he told me to eat vegetables because it’s good for you. I would have argued until he flexed his raw muscles in front of me and started to lift me off my seat and place me on his shoulders. I did tell that I was a kid right?

I was too amazed to struggle from his grip. Immediately I tried to grab the nearest vegetable I could find. But I tried to smirk as I munched the ill tasting greenish thing. Maybe after this, I could be as strong as him, I thought to myself.

Eventually, I did learn how to eat vegetables. I came to like it and it liked me back, but I still didn’t turn out as strong as him, though.

And time flew so fast.

A lot has changed since then. It became my turn to tell someone that vegetables are good for you. No, not a kid of my own or a grandson – I’m too young for that.

It was him – the old man. My grandpa.PICT0043

So many has happened since then. His muscles atrophied. His stamina decreased. His gradually became weak after several decades. Old age was finally catching up. His mind came racing back and forth from past to the present. And he hated vegetables.

I told you, it was my turn to tell someone.

I kept on telling him to eat his vegetables.It’s good for him.

It’s funny when you think about it.We may think that we were living and creating new experiences for ourselves. We think that we change and the past needs only to be remembered. Yet we cannot deny the fact that somehow that we have been living all along in circles.

So the wheels of the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round all through the town.


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